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While our vessel is renowned for hosting weddings, birthdays, private/corporate events, formals, and more, we welcome the opportunity to tailor the experience for your distinctive occasion. With a vessel capacity of 500, we can cater to all occasions.

Versatility Beyond Limits:

Calmer isn’t just a venue; it’s a canvas for creativity. Whether it’s an art exhibition, a film premiere, a themed costume party, or any event that’s outside the conventional, our vessel provides a versatile and stylish space to bring your vision to life.

Tailored Experiences:

Our events team is ready to collaborate with you to curate a bespoke package that suits the unique requirements of your event. From personalised decor to specialised entertainment, we strive to make your unconventional celebration exceptional.

Modern Amenities for Any Gathering:

Equipped with modern amenities and facilities, Calmer is well-suited for a variety of gatherings. Whether it’s a product launch, an intimate art showcase, or a special announcement, our vessel provides the perfect platform for your unique event.

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Memorable Moments on the Water

Calmer offers an extraordinary setting for creating lasting memories. Your event becomes not just an occasion but a maritime experience that stands out, leaving an indelible mark on you and your guests.

Other Events

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