Cruiser Nightclub

Let’s get shipfaced

Prepare for an electrifying night out as you step into The Cruiser Nightclub on Calmer. Set against the iconic backdrop of the NSW coast, this is not just a party – it’s a pulsating maritime experience that takes nightlife to new heights.

Dynamic Entertainment:

Get ready to dance the night away to the beats of top-notch DJs or live performances, turning The Cruiser Nightclub into a dance floor like no other. The fusion of music, lights, and the gentle sway of the boat creates an immersive experience that is simply incomparable.

Party Under The Stars:

Dance, mingle, and revel under the starlit sky on the open deck, creating a night party ambiance that is both romantic and energetic. The gentle motion of the boat adds an extra layer of excitement to your unforgettable evening.

Seamless Service:

The professional crew of Calmer ensures seamless service throughout the night. From the moment you step aboard until the last beats of the night, every detail is handled with precision and a commitment to making your night party exceptional.

Join us for a big night out!

Elevate Your Night Out

Prepare for a night of glamour, music, and unmatched excitement as The Cruiser Nightclub on Calmer takes your nightlife experience to a whole new level. Book your tickets now for a night that promises to be the talk of the town

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